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    Conversations In Care

  • Conversations IN Care:  THe Hidden Gems in Dementia & Caregiving

    Within the pages of this book you will find stories that are unfiltered and raw, that expose you to the real and intimate ways loved ones are caring for each other. Within these pages you will also find information from amazing practitioners that have a unique way of helping caregivers You will find stories from: Catherine Braxton, Denise Brown, Dale Carter, Anthony Fischer, Ron Gregory, EricaHornthal, Rick Lauber, Caron Leid, Elaine Pereira, Margo Rose, Robyn Wheeler, Vince Zangaro

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    Hidden Gems that are impacting the world!

    Chefs for Seniors

    Barrett & Nathan Allman

    January 6, 2016

    Founders Barrett & Nathan Allman will be joining us to share what they do to help seniors that still live in their own homes to eat delicious, well balanced meals, with a smile :)

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    Lewy Body Dementia

    Robert Bowles

    December 2014

    This Video is from December  2014, and is still impacting caregivers and persons with Lewy Body Dementia.  I am thankful to have had Robert as a guest and for how open and honest he has always been about his Journey with Lewy Body.

    Beyond Driving with Dignity

    Matt Gurwell


    Matt is a former Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer, that realized there was a need to help seniors to transition from the drivers seat to the passengers seat with dignity and grace. Learn more about his program!

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  • Executive Producer & Host

    Tami Neumann

    Tami Neumann

    Executive Producer & Host

    As a professional for over 20 years in the Senior Care Industry I have seen and experienced a lot. I realized that we unfortunately do not make it easy for patients and caregivers. Because of this realization I set out on a mission to discover the Hidden Gems in Wellness and provide my listeners with the tools necessary to be successful as a caregiver, patient and care professional.


    I look for guests that can bring us new and unique information, resources or perspectives. We often talk caregiving, dementia and type 1 diabetes. I am open to talking about the tough topics and look for new guest all the time. If you would like to be on the show or know someone that should be on the show send me an email.


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  • Hidden Gems

    Some of the great guests I have had on the show.

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    Marina Tsaplina

    The Betes Organization helps people, families and caregivers understand the meaning of chronic conditions through their unique playful and un-scary method of working.

    Courtney White, Founder

    Culinary Care is a non-profit organization delivering complimentary meals prepared by local restaurants to ensure that no individual or family facing cancer has to worry about feeding themselves, or their family.

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